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Oysters… They Just Slide Right Down

Oysters… They Just Slide Right Down

If you put a dozen oysters in front of me, I am going to tell you that it’s not enough. You’re going to shake your head in disbelief. But if you had been with me at B&G Oysters the other night you would have seen I was telling the truth!

Now, I will start by saying it was my first visit to B&G after lots of hype and people saying “YOU HAVE TO GO!” I’m a Neptune Oyster girl myself – seeing as I used to live in the North End and spent lots of time there drinking Stella Artois and sucking down oysters. But I’m always up for a new oyster joint, so we gave it a whirl. After about an hour-and-a-half wait, we bellied up to the bar and immediately ordered a dozen oysters. If I could remember all the names I would tell you, but the always-delicious Island Creek were my favorite — no surprise there. That dozen went down very fast. We looked at each other, and without hesitation, got the attention of our waitress and ordered another dozen. Again, those went down just as fast so, before we could leave, Brad looked at me and said, “6 more for dessert?!” How could I say no to that offer? Six more were ordered, sucked down and left us very satisfied!

Not sure what is it about oysters, and I promise it’s not just because they are an aphrodisiac (not to say that’s not part of the allure.) But from start to finish, oysters just do it for me. So, if you like oysters just as much as me and think you can handle a few dozen on any given night, name the place and I will be there. As an aside, B&G is great, even though you pay extra for the South End attitude, but Neptune will always be my #1 oyster joint!

Posted by Meghan