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Packin’ Heat In More Ways Than One

Packin’ Heat In More Ways Than One

There are countless reasons why I can’t stand Taylor Momsen, but my shining beacon of hatred stems from the fact that she brings out my inner curmudgeon. Seriously, every time I look at this chick, the old lady inside me rears her wrinkle-free and ageless head (God willing) and spouts off things like, “Kids these days,” and “What were her parents thinking letting her leave the house like that?” Just a glimpse of the latest issue of Revolver and I found myself in that place, once again, wondering who in the hell thought it was appropriate to style a 17-year-old girl in a garter belt, stripper heels and shotguns on the cover of a magazine.

Okay, TayTay, you can keep your lingerie as street-wear, stringy hair extensions and whore makeup. I’m perfectly content eating hard candies and watching reruns of Matlock.

Posted by Abby