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Painted Digits on Demand

Painted Digits on Demand

It’s pretty clear that we’re living in an age of convenience. From companies that allow you to hire someone to run errands for you to private drivers at your beck and call, I thought we had every possible “convenience idea” covered. Well, think again. Now there’s a company that offers manicurists who will come to your office and give you a manicure while you work.

Meet Manicube: a NYC company that acts as a mobile nail salon, offering you and your colleagues manicures in the comfort of your conference room. Genius. Seeing that at any given time, the smell of nail polish and remover wafts through the air here at marlo marketing/communications (if you were privileged to be around these awesome shades all day, wouldn’t you switch your polish way too frequently, too?), we might as well bring this service to Boston and get our nails professionally done mid-work day. Right, Marlo?

According to, colleagues can book 15 minute manicures for $15 each – yes, a little bit higher priced than your corner nail salon, but hey, there’s a price for convenience – and multi-task while getting their digits polished before an afternoon meeting or after-work event.

Polish me happy!

Posted by Alyssa

Image source CoolSpotters