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Have You Heard of Paolo Nutini?

Have You Heard of Paolo Nutini?

Have you heard of Paolo Nutini? It’s very possible you haven’t, but if you have an appreciation for songwriters, he’s worth getting to know. He’s this sexy Scottish guy with a South American look that has written some amazing tunes. My fave, “Jenny Don’t Be Hasty,” from his album titled “These Streets,” was supposedly written when he was 18. It’s about meeting an older girl (age 23) who wouldn’t give him the time of day because he was too young.

Oh, Jenny don’t be hasty
No, don’t treat me like a baby
Let me take you where you’ll let me
Because leaving just upsets me

I said to my friend once, “Awww…that’s so sweet. I feel sorta bad for Paolo that that girl wouldn’t go out with him.” My friend retorted with, “Ha! That’s exactly how he wants you to feel. Guarantee that guy has no trouble in the lady department.” Agreed. The songs on the album are all really different – so cool, too. Check out Paolo singing live on this youtube video: How cute and talented is he?! By the way, he’s playing at the House of Blues in Boston on July 24th if anyone’s interested in seeing him live!

Posted by Brianne