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Papa [Your Name Here]

Papa [Your Name Here]

We all know John Schnatter, the founder and upfront spokesperson of pizza chain Papa John’s. Unfortunately, we now know him mostly for his controversies, most recently when he used a racial slur during a conference call, which ultimately led to his exit.

Now, the chain is putting real employees and franchise owners behind the camera to repair the damage that’s been done. A 60-second spot posted online on Tuesday, the first major campaign since their decline. The ad features 24 people from Papa John’s restaurant around the nation and world, including people of color, and all had volunteered to appear in the campaign, according to the company.

The spot ends with the Papa John’s logo switching John’s name to those who were in the ad, however it ultimately ends on “John’s.” While his name is still clear, all other aspects of Schnatter have been wiped clean from all marketing materials.

Papa John’s ad is a mindful approach to company scandals that have been under scrutiny recently. Instead of letting the issues fizzle out, this spot reminds us that one person doesn’t account for the thousands, if not millions that take pride in their work. Their franchise shouldn’t have to suffer because of one man’s wrongdoings.

Watch the video and let us know what you think – should the company be free of its scorned reputation?

Video Source: YouTube 

Posted by Catherine G.