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Killing Time in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Killing Time in Park Slope, Brooklyn

I recently found myself getting off the bus in NYC’s Chinatown with five hours to kill before I was supposed to meet my friend at her apartment in Brooklyn to then get ready for a bachelorette party in Manhattan. I took a 10 minute cab ride to Park Slope, one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Brooklyn to call home. I frantically texted a New Yorker asking her what street I should ask to be dropped off and ended up on 5th Ave. I ate chicken shawarma and drank a Bloody Mary at the bar of a tiny Israeli restaurant called Miriam (don’t you just love when you blindly pick a place to eat at and then later on hear it’s a neighborhood favorite?). I was definitely impressed with everything Park Slope had to offer. For those Bostonians reading this post, I’d say Park Slope would be comparable to East and West Broadway in South Boston or even Washington Street in Brighton — that’s IF those neighborhoods were packed with way more retail spots and places to eat.

After lunch I stopped into Q Spa (not a fancy space by any means) for a great French manicure. $12 for a French is so cheap — they’re at least $17 in Boston! They also offered a Green Tea Pedicure for only $48 which included callus removal (wait, isn’t that banned at most salons?) AND a 15 minute shoulder massage. Not too shabby.

My favorite clothing boutique was Teddy but I also found some cute items at Flirt and Goldy & Mac. For the most part, there seemed to a few underlying themes at all of the boutiques I stopped at — vintage-y feel, small spaces and reasonable prices. My only complaint was that a lot of their merchandise overlapped and I saw the same inexpensive labels at multiple spots. The neighborhood was packed with some legit thrift stores too (for example, we’re talking dresses from the ‘50s and ‘60s priced at only $38, Pucci bathing suits, long formal dresses from the ‘70s, etc.) and, let me tell you, the locals love those places. Odd Twin had a line for the dressing room and a line at the cash register with people holding 5 to 6 items in their arms. People were going crazy for stuff I wouldn’t even look at twice! I did dig through and find a vintage tie-dyed halter maxi dress for $75. I was this close to getting it and chickened out. So be it!

So, anyway, if you’ve hit up every section of Manhattan and have yet to explore anything over the Brooklyn Bridge — give Park Slope a try. It won’t disappoint.

Posted by Brianne