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Part Human, Part Machine: This is Our Future

Part Human, Part Machine: This is Our Future

Image source The Telegraph

If you’ve ever wanted a glimpse into the future of the American workplace, you may want to pay attention (and no – I’m not talking about robots that will do our work for us – though I have to say, that would be pretty sweet). Swedish start-up Epicenter has started implanting microchips (similar to the ones injected into dogs) into its employees. The microchip, about the size of a grain of rice, is injected into the skin between the thumb and index finger, and can perform such functions as unlock doors, operate office machinery like printers and copiers, and even pay for food at the company cafe. Yes, this is a step up from using Apple Pay on your iPhone.

The microchip is, of course, optional, but many employees of the company have shown excitement about the technology. The company even holds parties for those wanting to get chipped, according to a recent AP article.

If you’re wondering if people have raised the concern about privacy, the answer is obvious. The technology can record such data as when an employee is in or out of the office, what they purchase, and how often they use the bathroom (more than what a credit card or phone can do, since you can’t remove it from your body). If the tech starts becoming mainstream, the privacy debate will inevitably heat up.

However, I can see the perks of something like this. You never have to worry about forgetting your key (or losing your credit card) ever again! Still, there’s no way I’m getting chipped unless I know exactly what information is being tracked and who has access (sorry, Marlo, you won’t be able to track my bathroom habits just yet!).

In a world where we can pay for pretty much anything with the tap of our phone and have devices that can vacuum our house, microchipping seems like a very plausible option in the future. Let’s face it, pretty soon we will all just be robots.

Posted by Erin D