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Party In the City Where the Heat Is On…

Party In the City Where the Heat Is On…

As you can tell from my previous blog posts, I love upscale lounges, city nightlife and all things that spell luxury. My recent trip to Miami provided me with all three and, as a result, a broadened perspective of how sexy a hotel lounge can truly be. Boston has its fair share of chic hotels and nightlife options, but venturing into the lobbies and pool areas of the well-known Delano, Shore Club, The Raleigh and Gansevoort South, my idea of ‘sleek’ has completely evolved.

While each hotel possessed its own, unique personality, they all shared one common feature: a stunning pool area. With dim lighting, cascading trees/ivy, minimalist outdoor furniture and the hottest lounge music lingering in the air, these hotels set a scene that made it appear that anything could happen; the perfect feeling to evoke at a nightspot. It seemed that a secret oasis could be found by each hotel’s pool, making the hottest of Miami nights, THAT much hotter.

Gorgeous men and women lounged along the pool in cabanas or on outdoor beds (literally, beds!) sipping $20 cocktails and indulging in good conversation and the ‘see and be seen’ atmosphere. I felt like I was on the set of a music video…or at least some place much further removed from the hustle and bustle of nearby Collins Ave.

On the plane back to Boston, I reminisced about the sultry and luxurious places I had visited. I began to wonder if my city could ever pull off the same type of ‘chic’ and, if so, how would Bostonians react to the scene? Could our precious summertime months allow for an outdoor lounge as sexy as one in Miami? A question to ponder, and not a bad idea for our own Colonnade Hotel to consider…

Posted by Alyssa