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Dear World,

Let’s pump the breaks on the nail art, shall we? Honestly, Pinterest should just create a side project solely for people to post photos of their glittery, geometric manicure designs because I’m tired of them distracting me from DIY lace pillow cases and tantalizing recipes of Chocolate-Peanut Butter-cookiecrunch10layercakethatsprobably5000calories, but I digress….

The latest nail trend is not for your pampered paws, but rather your pup’s. Just in case my head isn’t already exploding wondering how anyone in their right mind has time in their day to do their own nail masterpieces, manicures for dogs really put me over the edge. I mean, as a young girl did I ever paint my Daschund’s long nails hot pink? Yes, of course I did. But did I sit there and do a multi-colored leopard print pattern? Hell no—I’m no lunatic!

If leopard print sounds too boring for your canine, put together a rather exceptional slideshow of doggie manicures for your viewing pleasure. And if you’re up for the looney bin challenge, Pawdicure Polish Pens are available for purchase online, complete with a video tutorial.


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