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Pay Homage to Your Hound

Pay Homage to Your Hound

Man’s best friend…a dog, right? How about a stuffed dog? You know, one that looks just like your living, breathing Fido, but not. Cool or weird? I’d say a little of both.

When I first read about Shelter Pups via a friend on Facebook, I immediately had flashbacks of American Girl and the company’s attempt of gaining more business with the launch of the “American Girl of Today.” For those of you who I already lost, back in 1998, American Girl launched a collection that allowed you to create a doll that essentially looked like you. Always a dreamer, I asked my mom for one with blond hair and green eyes. She said no. (Editor’s note: I have brown hair and blue eyes.) I digress…

The moral of this side story is that people like products that remind them of the things that they love (ie: a stuffed version of their pup or a doll replica of themselves).

Now given that I want a dog and my building doesn’t allow pets, this could be the next best thing to a real pet. Heck, I’ve already got a personalized, bedazzled collar ready for my future pup, so I might as well put it on this stuffed creature in the interim. Every Shelter Pup purchased comes with “rescue points” aka real money that the company will donate back to an SPCA dog shelter of your choice to help a real pooch in need. Since I’d be “giving back” with this purchase, I don’t think it would be THAT weird to walk a fake dog around my neighborhood, right?

If you want to pay homage to your hound (past or present), here’s your chance. Just send a photo of your pet – the company recommends capturing your pup from all different angles and notifying them of any special markings on its fur – and for $125,  a recreation of your pooch will arrive at your door barking (or not).

Marlo, looks like we know what your Hanukkah present will be this year. A stuffed version of Lulu, of course!

Posted by Alyssa