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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

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How many times have you passed a homeless person on the street without acknowledging them? While I try to say good morning or smile at the regulars on my walk to work each morning, I’ve always felt a sense of guilt in not being able to do more.

I got into PR because I’ve always had an affinity for storytelling. While I’ve recently been overwhelmed by the repetitive stories of sexual misconduct and Trump’s idiotic tweets, I’ve been able to counteract the devastation with TODAY’s “Good News” section. Recently a story about an angel-in-disguise by the name of Brennon Jones reminded me of the good that’s all around us — it’s just often hidden by the cloud of negative messages sent out via the news, social media, etc.

Brennon Jones, a 29-year-old living in Philadelphia, has been recognized over the past few years for giving haircuts to the homeless. After many conversations with Philadelphia’s homeless and donations of food and money, Jones started to “beat himself up” and wonder what more he could do. He turned to what he did best, give haircuts, and thus began “Haircuts for Homeless.”

“It’s just a haircut,” he said. “But to them, it’s like a new beginning in a sense. It’s like a breath of fresh air.” (source TODAY)

Sean Johnson, a barber-shop-owner in Philly, noticed Jones on the street one day and, in an effort of paying it forward, offered an empty barber shop to Johnson to get him through the winter. Johnson now mentors Jones and helps him to run his business, rather than looking at him as competition to his barbershop down the street. Brennon holds “Makeover Mondays” in his shop and gives out free haircuts with Sean, in the warmth of his new digs.

So I leave you with this question: how can you go out of your way to pay it forward today? I’m not talking paying for a cup of coffee for the person behind you (although that’s wonderful 😉), but how can you really make a difference? Think hard, then act. Karma’s a beautiful concept, and if we all do one thing a day to put others first, we’ll realize that the positive energy we’re putting out there will come back and improve our lives as well. Powerful stuff…

Posted by Christina B.