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Paying a Premium to DIY: S’mores Edition marlo marketing. Paying a Premium to DIY: S’mores Edition

Paying a Premium to DIY: S’mores Edition

Image Source: Eater

Let’s talk about food trends, shall we? This is a favorite topic of mine for obvious reasons. After all, who doesn’t love over-the-top, slightly ridiculous, inventive ways to eat your favorite foods?

S’mores. A classic, by-the-fire treat enjoyed by many, especially by boy and girl scouts, on camping trips, in the backyard, etc. Ten years ago, if you had said this outdoor activity would be brought inside to higher end restaurants (at quite a hefty fee), people probably would have thought you were a little crazy. But, happily, thanks to a number of restaurants around the world, we can now enjoy our favorite childhood treat in the comfort of a restaurant following a [hopefully] delicious meal no matter the time of year or weather.

Enjoying this traditionally inexpensive treat does come at a cost when enjoyed at a table inside, unfortunately. In fact, people are paying up to $20 to roast marshmallows over a small open fire in a restaurant – as much as, or more than, they would pay for their main course meal, according to Eater.

And why do we participate in such things? It’s trendy. This trend, among many others, is a fun, experiential activity to do with friends. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s certainly an activity worthy of the ‘gram.

So, a bit pricey (based on the actual expense of the product) or not, this trend is one that’s going to stay. And I’m not upset about it – bring on the memories and pass the marshmallows!

Posted by Victoria