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“Peace of Mind Wherever You Go”

“Peace of Mind Wherever You Go”

A Christmas stocking is my mom’s opportunity to buy me oh-so-beneficial items that she’s convinced I can’t live without. This year’s stocking included the typical lip balm of the moment, candy, hand cream, Lily Pulitzer sticky notes (no joke) and my personal favorite, a Life + Gear LED flashlight, glow stick, emergency flasher and whistle. Yes, friends, this handy-dandy gadget prepares you for a blackout (or maybe a rave?), car accident and any sort of attack where you need to make noise in order to escape. Who would have thought such a…err…useful item existed?! With all joking and gift bizarreness aside, this is actually a very cool item…here’s the scoop:

Life + Gear’s slogan is “Peace of Mind Wherever You Go”. The company produces a plethora of emergency preparation products; think lanterns, backpacks, 3 day supplies of water, 5 day supplies of food, etc. Essentially, Life + Gear has created a business out of “what if” emergency scenarios. After witnessing the devastation of the Southeast Asia tsunami disaster and Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, Life + Gear launched in 2005 and began creating a line of products that would enable families to be prepared for disaster whenever it may strike.

Optimists may find this business model somewhat pessimistic and disturbing, but realists (and those who like to be overly prepared, such as my mom) realize the benefit of keeping helpful items, such as my multi-purpose gadget, on hand at all times. After receiving this item in my stocking…and a few laughs later, I’m now very happy to have it stored in the glove compartment of my car. You never know what can happen (knock on wood), so you might as well be prepared.

This item comes in three colors and…you guessed it… mine is red to match my red car (thanks, Mom!). Check out my useful gadget and others at

Posted by Alyssa