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Penis Tattoo Causes This Man a Permanent Journey

Penis Tattoo Causes This Man a Permanent Journey

Image source Men’s Fitness

While this story hit the news circuit earlier this year, I somehow just came across it; consider this my personal public service announcement for any guy contemplating getting a tat on his privates who, like me, missed this tale of woe the first time ‘round.

When someone gets a tattoo, I think one of the first questions people ask you is “ooh did it hurt?!” I can’t imagine what this no-named 21-year-old Iranian man would say after the tattoo on his penis caused him to have a permanent erection… (From a glass half full perspective, at least he can still get it up, right?)

Tattoos are said to be addickting (sorry, had to!), but on your male parts…really? After realizing his woodies were lasting a little too long, he attempted to have surgery to make the thing go down, but it was unsuccessful; the ink had penetrated too deep. But, because he can still live a pain-free, sex-full life, the man has decided to live with his condition. I can’t imagine having to explain that one.

Oh and just to add to this ridiculous disaster, the tattoo reads “borow be salaamat,” meaning “good luck with your journeys” followed by the letter “M,” the initial of his girlfriend’s first name. Trust me dude, it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime!

Posted by Dorothy