People of Walmart: Yodel Boy

In case you haven’t heard, a boy that recently yodeled in Walmart is now a viral sensation. Ten year-old Maison Ramsey apparently treated the aisles of Walmart as his very own stage, completely transforming this boring old Harrisburg, Illinois shopping center into a once-in-a-lifetime concert for all of the lucky bystanders just trying to do errands.

Why was he yodeling in Walmart? No one really knows. Thank god he did, however, since we clearly never knew what we were missing! Never thought I could love a good yodel, but here I am – intrigued by this *rising* star.

Then, it wasn’t long until some EDM genius turned this yodel into a one minute song that has already wracked up millions of views! Whether you like EDM music or not, you have to do yourself justice and give it a listen. I mean, hey – you already invested a few minutes (or, maybe, ten seconds) listening to Maison already, so don’t rob yourself after you’ve come this far:

Some music festivals have even gone as far as to playing this remix on their big stage, too:

Not sure if your ears are bleeding yet or not, but I am INTO IT! Can’t wait to see what new mashups are created following Maison’s next Walmart hit.

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