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Perez Hilton Gets a “Nice Guy” Makeover, But Will it Work?

Perez Hilton Gets a “Nice Guy” Makeover, But Will it Work?

It doesn’t matter if you love to hate him (or hate to love him), there’s no denying that Perez Hilton (né Mario Lavandeira) is a pop culture tour de force. He’s broken numerous gossip stories, coined such ubiquitous celeb nicknames like the JoBros and Orange Oprah (Lindsay Lohan’s mom), launched the musical careers of then-unknowns Lady Gaga and M.I.A., and outed more than a couple closeted celebs.

In the wake of the recent string of suicides by gay teens and young adults in the United States, Perez has taken a little heat for his take-no-prisoners stance on outing celebs. With little concern for how his public outing affects the personal lives, relationships and careers of his targets (Lance Bass, most notably), Perez has been compared to being just as threatening and dangerous as the Rutgers students who broadcast a tape of a fellow student, Tyler Clementi, engaged in a sexual encounter with another man.

In a YouTube video, Perez confronts these comparisons and vows to “do things differently.” Among his promises: no more mean names for celebrities (bye bye Mariah “Moo-riah” Carey and Sienna “Sluttienna” Miller) and no more outing gay celebrities.

Whether you can chalk up his latest move to genuine remorse or a clever PR move, the “nicer” Perez Hilton is a hard concept to grasp. He made his name by vilifying certain celebs (Jennifer Aniston) and literally canonizing others (he calls Angelina Jolie ‘Santa Angelina’). Can he maintain the same level of popularity as a ‘nice guy?’ Stay tuned.

Posted by Amelia