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Perky Jerky — Coffee Is So 2009

Perky Jerky — Coffee Is So 2009

Most people like to start their mornings with a strong, invigorating cup or two of caffeinated coffee. Instead, imagine starting your day off with a strong, caffeinated bag of…beef jerky?  Sounds pretty bizarre, right?

Okay, so maybe you don’t need to necessarily begin your morning with an entire bag of beef jerky, but at the point when you need your afternoon pick-me-up, Perky Jerky will do the job. I know it sounds crazy but after a couple of pieces you instantly feel awake and ready to conquer just about anything. Perky Jerky is made with guarana, a native plant of Brazil that bears a fruit similar to the coffee bean and contains natural caffeine. It’s perfect for any active lifestyle to give you that extra boost of energy, alertness and focus, plus it tastes great.

I recently had the opportunity to try it and, will admit, was skeptical. But after only a few pieces, I was hooked. And by “hooked”, I don’t mean I just liked Perky Jerky — I mean I was addicted to Perky Jerky. I even found myself trekking down to the swag room of my hotel to cram bags of this stuff into my purse in case, god forbid, I run out of my stash before my online order arrives!

So put down your coffee and pick up a bag of Perky Jerky. Your mornings will never be the same again!

Posted by Shaina