#Permanent Retweet

Ever loved a tweet so much you want to keep it forever and ever? I know there are certain tweets I have screen shotted on my phone that I would never, ever delete. I would share those with you, loyal m. blog readers – but then I would have to kill you :).

My point is, you can love something on social media, but there isn’t really anything physical you can hold and cherish. You can’t hang a funny tweet up on your wall, or make your Facebook status that got 325 “likes” a part of your living room décor – until now.

Introducing the #PermanentRetweet, a new way to preserve a tweet for all of eternity. PermanentRetweet.com offers social media lovers a 2.5” X 5.75” piece of wood that can be laser etched to illustrate any tweet you would like.

44Image source PermanentRetweet.com 

A custom permanent retweet only costs $20 – what a steal!! Below are some tweets I might think about having permanently retweeted to be hang up at home.

59 8 7 6

Shout out to the people I follow for being funny!

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