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Every day I wake up and immediately assess how I’m going to feel about myself that day – is it a ‘pretty’ day? a ‘fat’ day? an ‘ugly’ day? a ‘frumpy’ day? an ‘I’m too tired to do this ish’ day? the list goes on and on…  And whatever I come up with in those first few minutes colors my perspective for the whole day (FYI you want to catch me on a pretty day, it comes with a much better mood J).   While I don’t have hard and fast confirmation on this, I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that I’m not alone in this practice. In fact, I’d wager many of my peers are also guilty of this baseless judging of themselves, whether it’s a conscious decision made every morning or years of deciding that you’re “X,Y,Z.”  So when Dove launched their “Choose Beautiful” campaign recently I was immediately intrigued.

All over the world, Dove created two doorways. One labeled “Beautiful” and one labeled “Average” and asked women to choose which to walk thru….

Afterwards Dove discussed the choices made with some of the women who participated. Some walked through the beautiful door and felt empowered, others chose average and immediately wondered if that was how they really felt about themselves or if they chose it simply because they believe that’s how society perceives them.  It’s a simple choice, one that as women we’re faced with daily thanks to the constant stream of people trying to tell us what beautiful is rather than allowing us to define it for ourselves. So today I start a new chapter thanks to the new perspective this video brought me – I will choose beautiful from now, no more ‘fat,’ ‘ugly,’ ‘frumpy’ days for this gal!


Posted by Gillian