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Goodness knows I love a solid Instagram gallery and bemusing blog. A benevolent judge, I give points for food, fashion and – occasionally – puppies. Past slices of cyberspace that I’ve deemed good enough for the likes of m.blog include Gretchen Roehr’s IG, as well as the blip on the pop-culture radar that was Drunk J.Crew.

Today, however, I set these childish things aside for what I believe may truly be the best thing on the Internet (at least right now): J.Crew designer Julie Hout’s irreverent, almost-too-true to life illustrations. Both witty and well-drawn, these cartoons are way more real than your average, beautifully arranged blogger snap.

So without further ado, here are my faves,

I’d be the one on the left:













Micro-thin gold rings on fleek:

image006 (1)















Surely, speed-checking email before rolling out of bed counts as cardio, yes?













Gotta feel fierce AF in those Mario Batali crocs:














All image sources Instagram

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