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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Image Source Mashable

In today’s social media head-to-head: Snapchat vs. Instagram. Let’s recap for anyone who has been living under a rock for the past year. In August 2016, Instagram decided to get all up in Snapchat’s face by releasing Instagram Stories. It wasn’t enough for the app to just be a place for users to share photos of their life. Now it wanted people to be able to share their lives — moment to moment — with their followers… just like Snapchat.

When this update first came out I was honestly heart-broken. I didn’t understand why Instagram would so blatantly steal the idea of stories from another app. I hated the fact that I would now have two apps that I could story on, each with different followers; like what!? Do I post the same thing twice? How do I differentiate the content? But one day, everything changed. Instagram stories made sense! I knew what to share with my followers! And honestly? I started to prefer Instagram stories to Snapchat.

But suddenly, Snapchat is back in the game! With their latest update, users now have an infinity option when choosing how long they want the pictures they send to appear on the receiver’s screen. And while Instagram may have boomerang, Snapchat introduced loops on videos. You can now choose to have a video play through once and disappear, or you can put the video on an endless loop that will replay as long as the video is open. Even though these new updates have me excited, there are definitely downsides. Biggest of all is that you can’t see how long a photo or video will be on screen anymore, it’s just there.

Updated user interface aside, Snapchat isn’t doing well in the actual business arena. While they had a strong start on the stock market when they launched their IPO in April 2017, their first earnings report shows slow user growth and earnings that have taken a turn for the worse. Experts are concerned this is due to the competition from Facebook and Instagram overshadowing Snapchat’s market. Everyone wants to root for an underdog, but if Snapchat isn’t careful, we may just see the big bad Instagram scare the Snapchat ghost right out of the market.

Posted by Jen