“Pie Tops” for the W


To capitalize on the buzz of March Madness, Pizza Hut has concocted a slam dunk of a PR stunt with their new “Pie Tops” sneakers. Designed by the trendy “Shoe Surgeon” out of LA, these new basketball sneaks come with technology that allows you to order pizza by pushing a special button on the tongue of the shoe.

To coincide with the basketball theme, only 64 pairs of these shoes were made to represent the 64 NCAA basketball teams selected for the tournament. Pizza Hut sent the shoes to a select group of influencers, media and fans, so unfortunately you and I most likely have no shot (pun intended) at getting our hands on a pair.

Pizza Hut’s goal with the shoes is to promote their online-only deal of a large two-topping pizza for $7.99, and to demonstrate how easy it is to order a pizza from a variety of apps – phone, tablet, laptop, and in this case, shoes. In creative PR concepts, it’s very clear Pizza Hut has taken the W.









Image Source: Daily Mail UK


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