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Piggin’ Out

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Piggin’ Out

Image Source: Brand Eating 

Some may describe it as the mecca of all junk food days, the holy grail of everything unhealthy yet delicious or even the ultimate cheat day if you will. Whip out that guac, start spreading that barbecue sauce and get out your stretchy pants, because Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and so are the countless food trends you’ll want to try for the big game.

In 2019, it is said that the chicken wing, a classic staple at every Super Bowl party to ever exist, may now have some stiff competition, according to a recent Bloomberg article. The hottest item on the menu for this year: pork wings. No, pigs can’t fly but your taste buds might soar.

Unique food options are becoming more important, especially among millennials, thus, it was only a matter of time before the pork wing was born. Taken off the leg of a pig, pork wings can be served in a number of ways and provide a new, fun, conversational piece to your Super Bowl plate.

Instead of sticking to the status quo or the same old dishes served time and time again, it is exciting to see restaurants participate in creating new items that may one day become a well-known treat. Thinking outside the box is a sure touchdown. If pigs can get their own wings and Tom Brady can lead the Patriots to back to back Super Bowls, anything is possible!

Posted by Sydnee