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Pin It!

Pin It!

Everyone knows how addicted society has become with the world of social media, whether they’ll admit to it or not (no shame). Well, now there’s a new social drug out on the virtual market: This Boston-based web company is in its early development stages of creating a website where users can customize, gather and share news from multiple sources across the internet. Pinyadda users create personalized information networks made up of people, sites, and topics and from here are able to “pin” articles onto their profile page, similar to “liking” something on Facebook.

For someone like me who is constantly checking sites to find the latest scoop on a range of topics from the Middle East conflict to the new smokin’ vamp in True Blood to what to do tonight, Pinyadda has all my sources combined on one web page. Now instead of having a million tabs open on my browser I just login to my Pinyadda account and don’t need to bother with any others. And just like on Twitter, users can follow people and have other users follow you to see what other articles of interest people have “pinned” on their pages.

To add a more competitive incentive to your profile you can earn Yadda points and badges depending on how many articles you’ve pinned or how much activity you’ve created on the site. Even more thrilling is the opportunity to become a “maven” or “ambassador” of certain topics or sites. I was recently notified that my profile was featured on the weekly email under “Up & Comers to Follow” with 132 Yadda points, blowing the others with a mere 10 or 11 points clear out of the water. Embarrassed due to my obviously addictive personality, since I only signed up a week ago? Never! Instead, as the good publicist-in-training I am, I’d spin it as being proud of my clear level of commitment and dedication to the new site!

So keep refreshing your Facebook, Twitter, yadda yadda (pun intended), but now add to your daily to-do list of social media sites. I guarantee that before long, you too will be hooked!

Posted by Shaina