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Pining Over Pineapples

Pining Over Pineapples

I love pineapples.

Not the actual fruit (that just reminds me of the holiday ham my mom used to make with grilled pineapples…and let it be known, I hate ham), but the pineapple itself, which is widely known as a symbol for “welcome” and “hospitality.

Over the years, I’ve collected many pineapples; from Mariposa wine stoppers to dish towels to charm bracelets; it’s safe to say I can’t get enough of them. When traveling to sailing towns like Newport and Nantucket, I always get excited when I see restaurants and inns with pineapple decorations (my favorite are pineapple doorknockers!). You may laugh now—but just wait until your next vacation…you’ll start noticing pineapples in the most unusual of places!

Now that you have a better grasp of my infatuation with pineapples, you’ll understand why I was immediately drawn to this oh-so-impractical chain purse by Kate Spade. It’s definitely a statement piece—bright, fun and summery!  Though it may be a little bit much for everyday use, there’s something about it that completely draws me in (warning—shopaholic on the premises—warning!!).

Trip to the tropics or pineapple overload—what do you think?

Posted by Alyssa

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