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Pink, Plastic and Shaped like a Butterfly: The DIY Nose Job.

Pink, Plastic and Shaped like a Butterfly: The DIY Nose Job.

Besides a fake tan and platinum blonde hair, what do Donatella Versace, Hedi Montag and Ashlee Tisdale all have in common? That’s right: nose jobs. Maybe we’re just secretly jealous when vanity meets frivolous spending, but from tabloid headlines to Perez posts, we can’t seem to get enough of celebrities and their plastic surgery. In the past, those without the means to go under the knife were doomed to endure a life with unfortunate bone structure. Bummer. But now, thanks to the Beauty Nose, anyone can reshape their nose without ever leaving the comfort of home. In just 5 minutes a day, the Beauty Nose adjusts to “two degrees of hardness,” and claims to firm and tighten by putting gentle pressure on four nose bones.

Skeptical at first, I started to warm up to the idea after reading that, “not only does this beauty product look cute, it spreads that cuteness onto you too. YAY.” (And yes, it does actually use the word ‘yay,’ capital letters, in the product description.)

And for just $54.00? I’m sold.

Posted by Emily