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Pizza Fail

Pizza Fail

Image Source: YouTube

I grew up watching PBS and the Food Network with my mom. It was our special bonding time, and sometimes my brother even participated. We watched Lidia Bastianich make the perfect meatballs, Martha Stewart decorate Christmas cookies, and more. When I went to college, I watched Food Network almost nightly to fall asleep, making me feel closer to home. To this day, when I go home I check the Food Network and the Cooking Channel before any other channel, hoping I’ll find Ina or Bobby waiting for me.

Giada De Laurentis, however, bothers me. I never loved watching her shows because she seemed inauthentic – despite the forced Italian accent she brings out whenever saying the names of Italian foods. That’s why I chuckled when I saw this clip from the Ellen Show with Giada and Nicole Kidman. It’s a cutesy segment where Giada is bossing around teaching Ellen and Nicole how to make arancini and clementine and fennel (yuck) pizza/flatbread, and all is well until Nicole goes to take a bite from the pizza. She has a difficult time ripping a bite off, adding a serious amount of awkwardness of the segment. Kidman then says, “it’s a little tough.” Giada squirms around and Kidman repeats herself again. Voila! We all feel extremely awkward. Very awkward. And the segment ends. Check out the full video here and see for yourself, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Posted by Allie M.