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Playing With Words Word Play

Playing With Words Word Play

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Many folks often tend to say that math is the universal language – well, for me, numbers are a foreign language. I guess that means that I’m bilingual? Score! I have to respectfully disagree with the masses here and say that language and lexicon are all the rage. I have always been fascinated by and enamored with all things related to the written and spoken word. When it comes to our spectacular vernacular, I love it all. PUNS are my soul food, PALINDROMES bring me an inexplicable amount of amusement and joy, PROSE gives me purpose. Idioms, alliterations, anagrams, homophones – gimme gimme more. It’s not exactly normal for a high school student to get excited over the analogies and verbal portions of the Standardized Aptitude Test, yet alas, guilty as charged.

So it should come as no surprise that I have an ongoing word association game with one of my brothers, Ben. He and I will let each other know whenever we think of or see a word that only exists in the presence of another word. And by that, I mean a word that only makes sense in a particular context and doesn’t typically stand alone, isolated.

Without further (ado), I present to you just a sample of ‘the list’ that Ben and I keep: scantily (clad), inclement (weather), breeched (baby), unsung (hero), bated (breath), whet (appetite), serrated (blade), raspy (voice), prodigal (son), mete (punishment), litmus (test), wreak (havoc), exact (revenge), moot (point), helter (skelter)  – you see where I’m going with this?

You’d be surprised how many of these word marriages you stumble upon in your everyday life. I invite you to take part in this little exercise. It keeps the mind fresh and sharp, and makes your wrack your….. (brain.)

So, with that being said, when I say ‘vim!’, you say (?????)!


Posted by Ilana