Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss – Flirty, Fun, & Naked

Pocket Rocket Lip GlossUrban Decay cosmetics recently unveiled a new product to their lip gloss collection: Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss. Not only does it pack powerful color coverage, but it also reveals a surprise with a simple flick of the wrist. At first glance, the men posed atop the gloss are dressed in trendy attire but, with a quick flick, the men become ‘undressed’ down to their skivvies. This flirty temptation of seeing men strip is not only a unique way to sport gloss but a definite conversation starter as you debate the merits of Doug, Julio, Kirk, James, David, Jesse, Timothy or Eric. Doug (seen here) is my personal favorite. A medium pink shade with a hint of sparkle, the color is sexy and completely appropriate for the spring and summer months. The gloss glides on smoothly, it’s not tacky or gooey, and has a “sweet crème brulee flavor.” The brush applicator helps to fill in lines and wrinkles and is ideal for blending. And the best part? You got it–it’s got a naked guy perched on the lid!

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