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Pokémania Has Erupted, And I Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

Pokémania Has Erupted, And I Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

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With endless options in society today, it’s rare that most folks are on the same wavelength. In the old days, everyone would tune into the same programming, receive the same news and play with the same games. Nowadays, that cultural synchronism is few and far between, only to be witnessed a few times in a blue moon.

Welp folks, that transcendent moment is here and it’s in the form of Pokémon Go – the latest and greatest craze to sweep the nation, and world.

Introduced on July 6, the app has quickly become the most popular game, conversation piece, and obsession of elementary school kids to middle aged adults everywhere. Thriving off the nostalgia of the past, Nintendo introduced the app based on the premise of its old characters and concept, but utilizing the technological innovations of today.

A top line version of the game is that you use your phone to catch Pokémon everywhere in your real-time geographic location. It’s like pulling up Google Maps, but instead, you are on a hunt for Pokémon in your local park or grocery store, with the object of catching as many as possible. When arriving to a “Poké-stop,” which are designated landmarks, monuments, signs, etc., you are able to collect Poké balls and other tools, to help you catch these Pokémon and aid you in advancing in the game.

Even though I could go on and on using gamer lingo, I’ll spare you. The point is, is that the country has latched onto this game so quickly that the amount of active users has already passed Tinder and Twitter in the U.S, and Nintendo stock has also skyrocketed to massive proportions.

What does this mean for brands and restaurants? Big things. An overwhelming number of companies have already cleverly incorporated Pokémon into their social media accounts, and many are considering the endless options for cross promotion.

Right now, individuals can use a tool called a “lure,” which attracts more Pokémon to a set geographic area, so the user has the advantage of catching more species than usual. What we are seeing is that some restaurants are setting these “lures” to attract customers. In addition, while Nintendo has not partnered with any brands as of yet, a company could pay to have a rare Pokémon live at their property, also in order to drive traffic.

While it’s hard to tell if Pokémon Go is a fad or a gaming movement here to stay, I for one am relishing in this rare cultural moment. If you asked me 10 years ago if I’d be catching poké balls through Boston Common at the age of 27, the answer would most definitely be no, but hey you gotta catch ‘em all right?  Ooops, just got word there’s a Charizard in the office staircase…BRB!!!

Posted by Anne.