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Polar Seltzer Hops on the Mythical Train

Polar Seltzer Hops on the Mythical Train

Image Source Delish

All you die-hard La Croix fans might want to consider moving to Polar Seltzer…again.

With the dog days of summer approaching, MA-own Polar Seltzer recently rolled out its “Impossibly Good” line. After a big success last summer with its Unicorn Kisses seltzer, Polar upped the ante this year, adding three new flavors: Dragon Whispers, Mermaid Songs, and Yeti Mischief.

While everyone’s taste buds are the different, the general consensus on these three flavors is that they veer toward the fruity side. Boston magazine stated that “Yeti Mischief tastes like Hawaiian Punch,” while Dragon Whispers was more indistinguishably “tropical, with hints of strawberry and pineapple.” Mermaid Songs came in last, being a bad cross between Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish (sounds good to me, though).

Whatever they taste like, the dreamy cans and mesmerizing names make this another marketing win for Massachusetts’ own.  Polar 2, La Croix, 0.

Posted by Sarah W.