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Pooch Tats: The Next Big Thing in Four-Legged Fashion

Pooch Tats: The Next Big Thing in Four-Legged Fashion

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Looking to give your doggie some love and affection outside of run-of-the-mill pats and treats? Jorge Bendersky, an NYC groomer to the four-legged stars, has found the missing piece to the pooch-loving puzzle and it’s covered in sparkles and gemstones.

According to, adding some temporary ink to your tail-wagging companion like Bendersky not only ups their self-esteem (think of all the eyeballs ooh-ing and ahh-ing over those tats!), but increases their daily love intake by making your pooch the most popular in the park.

To temporarily tattoo his clientele, Bendersky starts with a short, summery haircut. Then he uses a stencil to fill in the desired area with brightly colored canine-safe glue and finishes the look with customized glitter, gems and rhinestones. For roughly $100.00 a pop, the tats are most commonly positioned just above a puppy’s tail or hips (yes, we’re talkin’ tail-wagging tramp stamps).

Would you add ink to your dog’s ‘do? At the moment I’m leaning more toward the pink polish on this Frenchie’s paws. Tres chic!

Posted by Mary