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Pop-Tart Overload

Pop-Tart Overload

Image sourced @kelloggsnyc Instagram

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Breakfast is by far the best meal of the day. From sweet to savory, hot to cold – you can have it all! As a huge fan of the first meal of the day, I am (of course) pretty obsessed with Kellogg’s Cereal Bar in New York City. This cafe serves “gourmet” style cereal concoctions, and encourages people to get creative with how they consume this type of food at home.

Kellogg’s NYC decided to switch things up for one week last month by only serving their ever-so-popular breakfast treat, Pop-Tarts! Presented as “real food,” the meals included Pop-Tart Pizza, Pop-Tart Tacos, and Pop-Tart Milkshakes. Of course, all of these treats were served with different varieties of the sweet treat. Check out the entire menu here.

Now as delicious as all of this sounds and looks, I can’t stop wondering the mind-blowing, artery-clogging, sugar-coma-inducing amount of sugar and calories that must be in each “dish”. Knowing that a single traditional Strawberry Pop-Tart with frosting contains 200 calories and 16 grams of sugar… I’m kind of scared to know the answer. I mean, just check out the nutritional information for all of the different varieties… you’ll see what I mean.

As much as I want to support this innovative and unique initiative, I can’t seem to fully get behind it knowing just how unhealthy these foods must be! Maybe I’m just being a fun-sucking health freak, but I think it’s important that people realize the full scope of what this sugar combined with artificial ingredients is doing to their bodies! If you can’t figure it out, just read out this article.

But for now, although I don’t support the dietary aspects of the meals being served, all I can say is props to Kelloggs for getting creative and a big thank you for continuing to promote the best meal of the day!


Posted by Ally A.