Pork Bun On My Head But Don’t Call Me A Bun Head

Image source Instagram

A while back, I became completely obsessed with Food On My Dog, the Tumblr account that started the whole dogs-with-food-on-their-faces trend that’s currently taking over the Internet. Of course, I can’t get enough.

Now, with all the pups following Tiger’s lead (disclaimer: this will never get old), one NYC family has broken the mold with the next iteration of food/noggin sensations: food on a baby.

@Foodbabyny, the incredibly cute offspring of Instagram user, @mikejchau, rocks everything from chocolate chip cookies to State Bird Provisions’ Cheddar Pancake and Heirloom Tomatoes (this little guy has excellent taste in grub) on his adorable little baby head. Ok, so the food is not actually on his head but dang is it cute to see the little guy rocking a make believe croissant turban.

The takeaway? I sure wish that my childhood photos looked like this.

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