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My (New) Favorite Restaurant

My (New) Favorite Restaurant

If you haven’t yet heard, we’ve got a new restaurant in town. It’s called Post 390, and it’s located on the corner of Clarendon and Stuart Streets in the Back Bay. So far, the only negative is the hurricane-like winds one must brave, courtesy of the nearby Hancock Tower, to reach it. (Excellent research into environmental impact there, Mr. Pei.) So you’ll be a little windblown but, once you get through the revolving (smart move) door, it’s all good. Occupying two substantial floors, the handsome space boasts fireplaces, a couple of bars and a variety of seating options to suit every mood. Specific reasons why it warrants new favorite status in my book include:

Table 611: Best seat in the house. A round table that can seat up to eight, it sits tucked into the corner overlooking Clarendon towards Boylston. I know what you’re thinking, so a corner table—no biggie. Yea. But when the walls are made of floor-to-ceiling glass, the view is pretty spectacular, especially at night with everything aglow and reflecting off of the glass of the Hancock Tower. And, speaking for all the warped minds out there (like our very own Amelia; see schadenfreude), a corner table with spectacular views of pedestrians blowing around in a wind tunnel (see Pei, I.M.) makes for some damn fine dining entertainment.

The St. James: My cocktail of choice. St. Germain, Bacardi Rum, fresh-squeezed lime juice and mint garnish. Belly up to the bar and order one of these and I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

The Chef: Will freely admit, probably the strongest reason am predisposed to love this place. Exec Chef Eric Brennan was my first chef ‘client’ back in the good ol’ days when I was lucky enough to work as a day-to-day, hands-on restaurant publicist when he was with The Federalist (now known as Moo….needless to say, I was out of the picture before that decision was made. But I digress…). A solid chef and even more solid person, if there’s a short list of chefs in this town I want to root for, he’s at the very tippy top.

The GM
: Above comment, ditto. Never had the pleasure of working with Guy Neil, but know I’d love it if I did. The former GM of so many places, including Bouche and Atlantic Fish during his stint with BBRG, Via Matta, and career-bred in NYC/Hamptons, he’s always affable, always hospitable. Let’s just say: he’s one of a handful of GMs in this town who know how to make the swan boat glide gracefully across the water. You might not know what I mean by that, but he will…and that’s all that matters.

The Menu: At this point, sampled the food twice, once at a party and once at mock service. The menu is broad, yet comfortable. Think tuna tartare, French onion soup, steak tartare for apps; ribs, chicken with mashed and spinach and lamb chops with mint ratatouille for entrees. Dessert includes a root beer float complete with house-brewed root beer (delish), ice cream sundae, pie of the day, etc. If you’re reading it means that you’re smart—you get the picture….quality, upscale comfort food at reasonable prices. Ah, a restaurant that looks at what the general population wants and caters to it, rather than opening what it feels like and not understanding when it fails. How delightfully…refreshing (sarcasm intended).

Proximity: They say it’s all about location, location, location. (Exactly who “they” are—not so sure–but in this case, it’s the truth!) About two blocks from both my home and my office (which themselves are only about a block apart; Ahh…it’s good to be the boss!), this is key. Another one of my all-time faves is in Cambridge, and I would eat there so much more often if, well, it were located two blocks from my house! Coupled with the fact that the Back Bay offers a dearth of good restaurants (save for Morton’s Back Bay—love ‘ya, Morton’s!), Post 390 is perfectly situated to be my ‘home away from home.’

Post 390 opens tomorrow for dinner. Lunch and Sunday brunch come next week. For the six reasons above—and undoubtedly many more—check it out.

Posted by Marlo