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Pot One Pod at a Time?

Pot One Pod at a Time?

Image source The Boston Globe

First there was the original Keurig for coffee. Then there was the Keurig for tortillas. Now there’s the Keurig for weed (h/t The Boston Globe)?

The idea first started when CannaKorp Inc. co-founder Michael Bourque took an interest in the benefits of marijuana to cure his anxiety in his 40s (note: Bourque hadn’t smoked weed until then). However, in 2014, medical marijuana was not available yet. So Bourque took to the streets to find what he needed and smoked it as a joint, which he hated.

The solution? As a seasoned product development manager, Bourque took apart the marijuana vaporizers that are currently available on the market to see how they worked and to create a product that is as easy to use as a coffee machine. Fitting, as Bourque’s CannaKorp business partner was a longtime executive at Keurig.

So let’s get to the important info… when does this product hit the market? CannaKorp’s CannaCloud is expected to come out early next year, just a few months after Mass voters decide if marijuana should be legalized for recreational use.

And how does it work? Take a look at the below graphic.

Now back to Marlo to see if this is covered by our health insurance! 😉

Posted by Christina V.