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Powdered Potation

Powdered Potation

Image source Cosmopolitan

After a long week, who doesn’t like to kick back, relax and pour oneself a little (read: BIG) cocktail? But what if you weren’t pouring, what if you were… sprinkling? Yep, dry ingredients could be the future of imbibing with the recently approved Palcohol, a powered form of alcohol soon to hit the market.

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has just approved four versions of the powdered product with variations including vodka, rum, cosmopolitan, and margarita (lemon drop is expected to be approved shortly, natch). These powders contain the same alcohol content as their liquid counterparts — simply mix into liquid to create the newest variation in mixology. (As the Kool-Aid dude was wont to say…”Oh Yeah!”)

The company expects us to be sipping Palcohol margaritas by this summer, assuming all goes well. Of course, at the end of the day, which of the 50 states you call home will matter, as they’ll get to make the ultimate determination as to whether or not you’ll be pouring a glass of powdery goodness.

Taste aside, I can’t get past the thought of Palcohol being abused in the form of a Fun-Dip or sprinkled on food (rum-infused mashed potatoes, anyone?). Many critics are outraged by this innovative idea, and all of the potentials for abuse (What if people snort it? How will venues regulate people sneaking it in? How will we keep it away from kids? Check out their website for these fun FAQs and more!).

No matter what the verdict is in MA, I think the only powder I’m gonna allow in my drink is sugar. So yea, the one drinking the actual Kool-Aid? That’ll be me.

Posted by Carli