Powerpuff Yourself

If you grew up in the ‘90s – you know a thing or two about the Powerpuff Girls. Everyone’s favorite crime fighting girl squad made with sugar, spice and everything nice was a must-watch on Cartoon Network.

So in preparation for their new reboot of the show (back on Cartoon Network!) earlier this month, the team behind the nostalgic series created a Powerpuff Yourself website, so you too can be part of the famous girl gang. Completely customize your Powerpuff Girl look by choosing everything from eye color to accessory (I chose a coffee cup, obvs) to transform yourself into the newest member of the girl power squad.

Here’s a look at my lovely creation:

Finally, another check off of my ‘90s bucket list. To Powerpuff yourself, visit www.powerpuffyourself.com.


Posted by Carli

Posted By: marlo marketing

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