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Pre-Workout Beer?

Pre-Workout Beer?

Olympic athletes and beer… not two words that are often in the same sentence unless we’re talking post-Olympic celebrations. But with the Games over, these chiseled, god-like athletes can now relax and crack open a cold one on a hot summer’s day, just like the rest of us. But for those who still have professional competition in their future, I would highly suggest that they stay as far away from BrewDog’s new beer as possible.

BrewDog is a Scottish brewery that is so anti-establishment, their Olympic-inspired beer was named Never Mind the Anabolics. Before you even think about going out and buying a six-pack, especially all of us who currently are/thinking about becoming an Olympic athlete (HA!), let me fill you in on the special ingredients that have been added to this beer to give a big F***U to all the “fast food companies, sugary fizzy drinks producers or monolithic multi-national brewers”.

To start things off, Never Mind the Anabolics contains 6.5% alcohol (which is not BrewDog’s highest percentage beer) and some extra ingredients: creatine, guarana, ginseng, gingo, macha powder, matcha tea and kola nut. To further add to the beer’s WTF factor, the original test batch had another special sumthin-sumthin: steroids. But since that would be illegal, steroids are not included in the final product. Steroids or not, all of these substances would get any Olympian banned from the Olympics faster than I could chase down any of the Olympic male swimmers/divers if I saw them on the street.

Why anyone would ever think to create such a beer, let alone drink it, is mind boggling, but BrewDog has made their point loud and clear: drug tests be damned!

Posted by Katherine

Image source BrewDog