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Preemptive Apology

Preemptive Apology

Image Source Buzzfeed

I usually don’t believe it when people say “I’m a good guy, I swear!”…

…but in this case, I’m making an exception. I have been relatively indifferent about Chris Pratt for a long time, aside from respecting him for marrying Anna Farris, until I read one of his latest Facebook posts. It just might be one of the most amusing and endearing statements/apologies from a celebrity I have ever seen.

Usually you only apologize when you mess up, as in “sorry I didn’t notice your haircut,” or “sorry I ate the last slice of pizza.” But last month, Chris Pratt posted a preemptive apology on social media just in case he accidentally offends anyone on his Jurassic World press tour. It’s a “heartfelt apology for whatever it is I end up saying,” in which Pratt swears “I’m the nicest guy in the world” and “I’m truly sorry.” It’s smart, and coming from an actor known for being super down-to-earth, it’s also hilarious.

Off the cuff comments get celebrities into trouble with the media and their fans all the time. Remember this interview? Case in point. A thoughtless, misunderstood joke that wasn’t meant to be offensive got these two heavily criticized for acting sexist, (but that’s what PR people are there for, amiright?) and that’s what this post is hoping to make light of and to help Pratt avoid.

I really appreciate Chris Pratt for being proactive about a (potential) crisis with this tasteful joke/earnest statement. It sends out a positive, “I won’t take this too seriously if you won’t” message to his fans as a reminder that his only intention is to entertain, make us happy, and have fun –awww! Apparently, he’s known for being goofy like that. His fans are eating it up, and TBH, I am too – it’s adorable. It makes him easy to laugh with, easy to love, and easy to forgive when things go (potentially) wrong.  Thank you for being you, Chris Pratt. I may finally see Guardians of the Galaxy just to show my appreciation!

Posted by Val