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Which Print Pubs Actually “Do It Right?”

Which Print Pubs Actually “Do It Right?”

Editor & Publisher magazine (established in 1884 to serve the field of publishing, including newspapers, magazines and other publications) recently announced their ninth annual list of “10 That Do It Right” 2009 honorees – a list of newspapers that actually are doing things well in a time when the print media industry is so up in the air. Their list was decided based on nominations from the print pubs themselves and those that “emerged from E&P staff suggestions.” Random pubs like the Las Vegas Sun, Phoenix’s New Times and The Cincinnati Enquirer all made the list. Most of them have grown their subscriber numbers in 2009 (shocking considering most pubs are folding and these guys are actually thriving!) and are known for offering their readers topics and interesting info that is useful, totally cool and can get people talking. When I think about some of my favorite reads, I realize that the reason I like them so much is because they’re providing me with info I actually haven’t heard or read about before – something totally unique that causes me to email my friends and family with the news or hop on Twitter and let all my followers in on what I just discovered. I can confidently say I’m not too surprised when I hear that certain mags or newspapers have folded (sorry anyone who was a die-hard Domino fan!) but, call me “crazy,” I’ve been thinking that if mm/c developed a media outlet it would be awesome! If it were anything like what we talk about here at the office on a daily basis, it would be filled to the brim with the funniest commentary ever, the most random weird life facts you’ve ever read and a collection of Photoshop-ed images that will have you either totally grossed out or laughing your butt off (mixed with restaurant reviews, travel tips and fashion and beauty trends, of course!). In the meantime (meaning before we add another thing to our plates!), I’ve surveyed some of the folks here in the office to tell me which print pubs (magazines, newspapers and even online e-newsletters) they think “do it right” and why that’s the case.

Lucky: “I love using this pub to hear about undiscovered fashion and accessory designers, new make-up and skincare lines and tiny boutiques to check out while traveling. When I get Lucky in my mailbox I immediately drop what I’m doing and read it cover to cover. I think all of the editors that work for Lucky are really on their game and, to prove how much I love it, I’ll admit that I still pay for a monthly subscription (even though we get in the office!) just so I can amuse myself and get a little excited when I open my mailbox and see it.” —Brianne

Elle Decor: “Incredibly discerning about what they feature, super high quality, creative and diverse. I always find it to be an inspiring and entertaining read, no matter if I’m in the market for a home interior revamp, or not.” —Sam

Sherman’s Travel: “As a magazine junkie and former travel editor, I’m quite the snob when it comes to travel pubs. Standbys like Condé Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure are great for glossy photos, high-profile writers and a healthy dose of daydreaming. But I love upstart Sherman’s Travel for a more accessible, down-to-earth approach. Destinations are chosen not just for newsworthiness and “wow factor” but also for financial accessibility. I love the Luxe List section, which tips readers off to which spots are worth a splurge and where to get the best seasonal deals.” —Gina

New York magazine: “Regardless of the fact that I’ve never lived in NYC and have only visited a handful of times, I have been a loyal subscriber to this city mag for the last couple of years. It’s the perfect mix of NYC-specific shiz and pop culture brilliance. Boston magazine should take a page from this one…” —Amelia

National Geographic: “Might seem even more cliché than the rest, but National Geographic still puts out consistently amazing, worldly, current and relevant content. It’s the only thing in our house that gets read cover-to-cover by both of us, every issue.” —Jen

Time: “I love staying abreast of the news (and by ‘news’ I am not talking about the house fires, car crashes or gang murders that local news stations consider worthy of the moniker) and would love nothing more than to sit on my ass eating bon bons all day flipping through cable news shows and doing more than skim section A of the paper. Until that rich guy comes along, though, that plan’s not looking so good. That’s why I’m a personal subscriber to Time. I know that if I miss a major new story, it’ll be recapped into a nice, neat package for me to read at my leisure. It’s also good for pop culture, milestones, a laugh (luv ‘ya Joel Stein!) and general Americana. And, I absolutely adore Time’s special Style & Design supplement that comes straight to my mailbox 6x/year.
Kate Betts = editorial genius.” —Marlo

Travel & Leisure: “I love flipping through T&L – it’s smart, consumer-friendly and great for inspiration – business & pleasure.” —Lisa

Daily Candy: “I love this for up-to-date, trendy information in the city I live in and the cities I love to visit. Daily Candy is a great way to stay on top of the latest openings, products and trends to grace the major metropolises across the country. It’s easy and fun to read with catchy language and straight-to-the-point copy.” —Alyssa

Cosmopolitan: “They always have the best covers (relevant stories and gorgeous photos) and I constantly rely on Cosmo for guy advice. They are surprisingly on point when it comes to relationships – I can always relate!” —Julie

Vanity Fair: “My aspirational mag, VF presents—well—everything! in a classy and dignified manner. I love their high-profile features, complete with beautiful photo spreads.” — Jill

Now, tell us what your favorite media outlets are, and why!

Posted by Brianne