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Procrastination for the Dog-Obsessed

Procrastination for the Dog-Obsessed

I’m kind of a weirdo when it comes to my intense love for dogs. I greet my black lab Jenny with more enthusiasm after one day at work than I muster for friends after a month apart, and I get confused by the sideways looks I receive when I squish over on the couch to make her more comfy (What!? That’s not normal?). When I have nothing to do, or when I’m putting off a college paper (sorry RWU comm. professors) I go to the MSPCA website and peruse through the adoptable pups, dreaming unrealistically about what I would name them and how they would get along with Jenny. My dog-less friends get annoyed when I send them pictures of puppies that need a new home, but I can’t stop myself. I mean come on guys, how could you not want one of these adorable mutts??

Fortunately for those of you who aren’t interested in any more of my pet adoption links, I’ve discovered a new doggie procrastination tool. Doggelganger is the latest site launched by Pedigree New Zealand that allows you to upload your photo and find your four-legged lookalike….Think celebrity doppelganger with fur. All of the dogs featured are currently up for adoption, and when your supposed match appears, so does his or her location, breed and bio.

Needless to say I’m obsessed… and of course I’ve found endless entertainment in taking pictures of myself to be paired with my doggie twins (blonde fur and blue eyes are the main similarities), but the best part about my new favorite puppy site is its cause. Pedigree created Doggelganger as a part of their Animal Adoption Drive to get die-hard dog people like me interested in taking in a furry new friend.

As someone very susceptible to this campaign ploy, it’s probably a good thing I don’t live in New Zealand. I don’t think my friends and family would be interested in accompanying me on trips to unfamiliar animal shelters to unite with my canine twins.

Posted by Mary