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Props to the Pivot


Props to the Pivot

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As the world remains in crisis, the adage “adapt or die” has never been more relevant or critical for brands and companies.

One particularly inspiring example of this phenomenon has come from the hard-hit restaurant industry. During this unexpected and unfathomable downturn, it’s been amazing to see how creative restaurants have become in repurposing their stock, reallocating their staff and ultimately reaffirming their survival skills as best they can.

In addition to adding contactless delivery and curbside pickup, many restaurants have begun offering the most sacred of items currently drawing denizens out of their homes: groceries. Not only has this been a way to sustain business, but the service also addresses a true unmet consumer need as traditional grocery delivery channels (looking at you, Instacart and Amazon Fresh) face exceptionally long wait times, while in-person shopping grows ever more dangerous, especially for those in high-risk populations.

Boston-based Mediterranean restaurant and cafe Cafe Landwer is one example of a restaurant embracing grocery pick-up for the masses. Repurposing quality foods and sundries from their suppliers, Cafe Landwer offers sets of items based on traditional grocery sections including Fruits, Veggies, and an “Essentials” package of milk, eggs, greek yogurt, mozzarella cheese and more. Plus, you can easily add on a Pizza, Rozalach or Shakshuka Kit for cooking at home.

Portland, Maine-based OTTO is doing the same, offering a “Pantry Box” filled with dry goods like bread, coffee and rice; a “Produce Box” filled with fruits and veggies; and a “Dairy Box” filled with milk, eggs and yogurt. Additional standalone items like meat, dish detergent and alcohol (if you’re me, you’ve gotta add a ‘Gansett 6-pack to truly replicate the grocery shopping experience!) are also for sale.

But the real cherry on top of this impromptu grocery service? The clever inclusion of toilet paper and paper towel rolls in each box set. Think it’s safe to say that in today’s paper goods hoarding society, this is one clear example of primo pivoting to “adapt” as necessary.

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