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There’s nothing quite like the visions of fall. No, I’m not talking about foliage, I’m talking: pumpkin spice latte in cup holder; pumpkin spice latte next to laptop; pumpkin spice latte on park bench; pumpkin spice latte in mitten-clad hand; pumpkin spice latte while walking dog – the list goes on. I’ve never seen a drink take over both social media and an entire season like the pumpkin spice latte does. What are they putting in those things?!

You know, I can’t even hate on it though, because I’m sure if I scrolled back in time through my Instagram photos I could find one of those beloved white and green cups, followed by excessive lines of #fall #pumpkinspice #latte #starbucks #happy #favoriteseason #finally #yum #uggs.

So, what better way to celebrate the return of our precious PSL than with some Internet memes that poke fun at it? (But really, have you gotten one yet!?)

nicole 2 Image source Quick Meme

nicole 3
 Image source Quick Meme

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Image source Quick Meme

nicole 5
Image source Quick Meme

nicole 6
Image source Quick Meme

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Image source Create Meme

nicole 8
Image source Quick Meme

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Image source Some eCards

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