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Puppies For The Win

Puppies For The Win

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Spun out from a Japanese TV show, American Ninja Warrior is an intense obstacle course competition show featuring contestants who are in better physical shape than I can ever hope to be. Obstacles have names like “Metal Spin,” “Warped Wall,” and “Cannonball Drop.” Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?

Well, if that doesn’t appeal to you, maybe this will: American Ninja Warrior: Puppy vs. Puppy. Filmed as a promotion for USA Network’s American Ninja Warrior: Ninja vs. Ninja series, the puppy version features two teams in head-to-head canine competition to be crowned the winner. It’s pawsitively adorable!

Team Barking Mad, featuring Lazer, Truffles and Loki, goes up against The Ruff Ruff Riders, featuring Preston, Remy and Pancho. The rules are simple. Each heat features one pup from each team racing through three ruff obstacles: Sky High Hound Hurdles, Suspended Puppy Path and Puppy Ninja Warped Wall. The first team to win two heats gets the trophy. If a pup falls into the puppy pool or goes potty on the course, it’s an instant disqualification.

Watch the full competition here.

Video Source: Entertainment Weekly 

If you ask me, it doesn’t matter if Barking Mad or The Ruff Ruff Riders finished the course first. In this competition, we the viewers are all the winners for getting to witness such cuteness unleashed. And don’t forget to check out the blooper reel and puppy profiles!

Posted by Sylvie