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Puppy Ice Cream (It’s Not What You Think)

Puppy Ice Cream (It’s Not What You Think)

A new ice cream treat brings the phrase “You’re so cute I could eat you up!” to a whole other level. J.C. Co Art Kitchen in Taiwan will shape your choice of vanilla, chocolate, or peanut butter flavored ice cream into an adorable, super detailed puppy. One puppy ice cream takes about five hours to make and customers can devour the small ones for $3.50, and the larger ones for about $6.

A video of the ice cream graced my Instagram feed recently. Without any indication that the puppy was actually ice cream, a spoon cut into its face and was scooped out. Sound mortifying? For me it was. For some people, dipping a spoon into the lifelike puppy dessert may be a cure for “cute aggression” (yes, it’s a real thing). “Cute aggression refers to the almost-overwhelming urge to do violence to an object that we find incredibly adorable,” according to a 2013 study.

As it turns out, this kind of incongruous response is completely natural and, in certain ways, quite beneficial. Just like nervous laughter or tears of joys, cute aggression can help us regulate our emotions and maintain a steady state of mind after an extreme and unsustainable emotional reaction. In other words: The happier we get, the more our minds naturally try to counterbalance these emotions to maintain an equilibrium.

Does that mean I want to be the one to eat a very realistic puppy face? No. But the reviews of how delicious the actual ice cream is are through the roof, so now I’m at a loss. Unless this sweet treat makes its way to the States, I may never have to decide…

Video Source: New York Post

Posted by Catherine