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Put a Ring On It (But Be Careful How Big it Is)

Put a Ring On It (But Be Careful How Big it Is)

Many of us have been dreaming of our perfect man, engagement ring and wedding for years now (and if your parents are as crazy prepared as mine, they’ve been setting aside money for years to compensate for the rising costs of nuptial celebrations). Personally, I’m more of a small wedding/vintage engagement ring kinda gal but, for many of my friends, I know the BIG ring and even BIGGER wedding is top of mind. To each their own, right? Well not according to a new study from Andrew M. Francis and Hugo M. Mialon – these two have marriage down to a science and apparently the more you spend on your impending nuptials the more likely it is that divorce is in your future. Here’s the breakdown…

Men who shell out $2000-$4000 on an engagement ring are 1.3 times more likely to get divorced than their counterparts who only spent $500-2000 (this doesn’t mean a ring pop is your best option guys; spending under $500 also increases your chances of getting dumped)

Couples who spend more than $20,000 on their wedding are 3.5 times more likely to get divorced than those who spend $5,000-10,000 (the major catch here is that the average American wedding costs $30,000…not good odds)

Couples who spend less than $1,000 on their wedding have a decreased chance of divorce

High wedding attendance (aka big guest list) and a  honeymoon (regardless of cost) are positively associated with marriage duration

So whether you’re already prepping for the big day or are happily single you may want to scale down your dreams from

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