“Put the Lime in the Coconut…”

I kicked off the New Year looking for ways to obtain more energy and be healthier, overall. A little random, I know, but I can already predict that this year will be one of my busiest years ever and I need to be up for it! I need other ways to keep up the momentum besides caffeine!  After a trip this weekend to Whole Foods I stocked up on cans of Vita Coco coconut water. I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of coconut water and figured it was worth a shot. Here’s a little slice of knowledge: coconut water has more potassium than a banana and 15 times more potassium than a sports drink. The Vita Coco website says that potassium is great because it helps to regulate blood pressure, heart function and enhance the hydration process. Nice! Sounds like this could be my new go-to!

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