Putting the “MAN” in Manicure

Ladies, does the man in your life neglect his cuticles? I don’t know about you, but I like a guy with nice hands; nails that are really short, poorly cut, or bitten down to the quick make my stomach turn a bit.

I definitely have sat next to a guy while getting a pedicure before, but until recently male sightings at the nail salon were few and far between. Maybe that’s going to change. TIME reports that while waxing and beard transplants are trending when it comes to male grooming habits, apparently so are nail salons that are targeting the dude demographic. In Los Angeles there are shops that offer free beer, leather recliners and personal TV’s (ummm can I go there?) and have welcomed the likes of Kobe Bryant and Deion Sanders.

So if you are like me and appreciate this movement in man manicures, perhaps we can all say a little thanks to Snoop D.O. Double G for his instagram of his French manicure. While I am definitely not encouraging the men of Boston to go this far with the polish and length, a little filing and buffing goes a long way!


Posted by Laura

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