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Queer Eye(s Full of Tears)

Queer Eye(s Full of Tears)

Image Source: Vulture via Netflix

Do you remember the TV show, “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?” It ran from 2003 to 2007. If not, I understand; 2007 was the year the iPhone debuted, and the year Paris Hilton went to jail for 23 days… (You’re welcome for the helpful refresher—& yes, that’s all you need to know). Anyway, there’s a reboot thanks to Netflix! The show is called “Queer Eye,” and it is a MUST SEE. Not only did I binge watch the entire season in one day (I have one friend), but I was also deeply moved.

The show follows the “Fab 5”: an eclectic group of energetic, caring and talented gay men, as they fully change the lives of more ‘conservative’ and ‘clumsy’ southern men. Each of the Fab 5 have a specialty: design, personal grooming, fashion, food/diet, and culture. They completely raid their closets, their houses, and their souls!

Netflix’s “Queer Eye” stands out from its predecessor, because it strives to dig a little deeper. The male subjects of each episode are very different from the Fab 5, but topics of political controversy are not swept under the rug. From coming out, to religion, and even the Black Lives Matter movement— the show gets real. The conversations and experiences end up being an eye-opening opportunity for everyone involved, and everyone watching. Thanks to this show, many can gain a perspective on conversations that are for, whatever reason (geographic location, social environment, etc.), otherwise not available to them — and that is a powerful thing. Sometimes, having an open conversation with an open heart is all it takes to make a little progress.

Mind you, while this is all happening they are still teaching these men to eat less butter and shop at H&M. It’s a very well-rounded show; I laughed, I cried— and I truly learned a lot.

The Fab 5 are seriously fabulous. GO WATCH THIS SHOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

Posted by Lexie